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There was a Yarnie man
who had a Yarnie wife
they knitted, dyed and purled
all their Yarnie life

So happy both were they
with Yarnie friends and kin
they built a Yarnie home
to store their treasures in

Upon the Banwy fair
the Yarnies they did come
to see the treasure trove
this couple had begun

All sorts came to the mill
knitters skipped with weavers
the felters wore their hats
crocheters in a fever

The Yarnies were ecstatic
to touch and feel and see
the most amazing colors
there possibly could be

The Yarnie couple beamed
to share what they had made
cooking pots of color
into strands of every shade

So from the roof they shouted
to Yarnies everywhere
“Come see, come shop, come play with us
for all are welcomed here!!!”

Not to brag, but we truly do believe we have a special place here. Our Headquarters and Mill Shop are where we work our magic with color and fiber. Nothing would please us more than to share some of that magic with you, comforted by the knowledge that you will then cast some amazing spells of your own. Besides the fun of seeing and touching, “ooh” and “aah” -ing, shopping and chatting, we offer so much more at our shop. Sign up for our newsletter or watch our facebook page to be in the know about special workshop offerings to help animate your creative murmurings. We also invite you to come by the first Saturday of each month when we open our doors wide to the world while serving up our own brand of riverside hospitality along with a selection of coffee, tea and local treats. All this and a cornucopia of beautiful yarn to boot! We consider you part of our extended Yarnie tribe so let us treat you like family. Jot down our regular hours below, or get information about organizing a special tour with your group. Either way, we can't wait to see you!

Colinette Yarns LTD.
C/O Stamford Strorage
Meadow Park Ind Est,Bourne Rd
Essendine, Stamford (Lincolnshire)

Tel: (UK) 01938 810128
(US)US: 502-365-5671


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