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Introducing the Arizona Dream Kit...

We've seen what you can do with the beautiful colors, textures, and patterns available in our previous kits, and your capacity for artistic growth has motivated us to keep you inspired. The Arizona Dream Kit offered in 18 visually delicious and diverse pallets is constantly unfolding with options and possibility. Included in the scrumptious wrapping are five fresh, inviting designs, from which you can construct one throw or create two completely different wraps; one to keep and one to gift. Once you purchase a kit, entirely new patterns will be made available to you each season to add to your personal pattern gallery at no cost. The possible combinations of color and design are limitless...

Design: Denali. Shade:Mountain Hues .

What sets this design apart is the distinctive broomstick lace periodically dancing across the vibrant horizontal rows of color. You can almost hear the winds swirling through the Bluefish Caves of the northern Yukon, revealing their ancient yore. While this unique stitch creates the impression of challenging complexity, the truth is that it is remarkably simple in it's execution. The layers of broomstick lace punctuate the peaceful, level pattern with such delightful surprise and playfulness, that it begs us to try something new and promises not to disappoint our sense of adventure. Explore the vast wilderness of Denali... read more

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